September 3, 2015


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Click on a link below to download a tutorial video. The complete EASYTUTOR program is also available on the EASYLABEL CD.
Getting Started
          What is the Software?        Sample Files
arrow Using The Software    
          Software Installation        Key Installation
          Running the Software        Multiuser Installation
arrow Formats and Fields    
         Adding a New Format        Change an Existing Format
         Erasing a Format        Using Save As
         Zoom-In/Zoom-Out        Undo Last Edit Change
         Entering Specification Data        Adding a Barcode Field
         Adding a Text Field        Adding a Line Field
         Adding a Box Field        Adding a Picture Field
         Multi-Source Text Field        Multi-Source Barcode Field
         Using the UCC/EAN Wizard        Adding a Circle Field
         Arithmetic        Copying a Field
         Creating a Sell by Date        Updating the Field List Box
         Erasing a Field        Choosing a Group of Fields
         Changing Data Checking        Conditional Printing
         Choosing a Field Direction        Design Test Value
         Control Codes in Barcodes        Maximum Fields on a Format
         ADO Connection        True Date/True Time
         Truecount        @Truecount
         Force Font Fit        Copy and Paste
         Job List        Replace Files
         Reserved Words        Using Unicode in a Database
         Unicode with EASYLABEL    
arrow Printing Formats    
         Printing Batches        Changing Format Data
         Test Printing        Scanning a Barcode
         View/Change the Print Queue        Force Font Fit
arrow Format Tracking Report    
         Printing a Report        Test Printing a Report
         Changing Report Parameters        Writing a Report to a Text File
         Erasing Format Tracking Data        Erasing All Tracking Data
arrow Internal Database Functions    
         Adding a New Database        Editing the Database Structure
         Erasing a Database Field        Indexing a Database
         Erasing an Index File        Editing a Database
         Printing Database Records        Compressing a Database
         Sorting a Database        Writing Records to a Text File
         Appending Records        Erase All Records
         Database Structure        FMTCOUNT and BARSUPP
         Using a Database        Database Indirect
arrow Databaseview Functions    
         Adding a Field to a Table        Adding an Access Database
         Appending Records        Creating a New Table
         Cross Reference Wizard        Data Sources
         Deleting a Table Column        Editing Records in a Table
         Modifying a Field        Navigating in a Table
         Opening a Table        Printing Database Records
         Sorting the Table        Writing Records to a Text File
         Chem Label Example Part 1        Chem Label Example Part 2
arrow Serial File Functions    
         Adding a Serial File        View/Change a Serial File
         Erasing a Serial File        Using a Serial Number
arrow Manager Functions    
         Program Options        Printer Configuration
         Adding Users        Changing an Existing User
         Deleting a User    
arrow Advanced Functions    
         Creating a Command File        Using Command Files
         Active X        XML Monitor
         XML Generator        Logging and Security

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